Friday, September 17, 2010

What i plan on Blogging about? Who am I?

So as i am pretty much writing this for myself at the moment, i have no followers yet :( , i would like to address what it is that i plan on "Blogging" about. This is more of a personal blog for myself but i will also put things that i find interesting here as well.

So lets start off with a basic bio on me.

My name is Dakota and I am 19 years old. I live an OK life at home with my parents finishing up high-school. I have a steady group of friends that i have had for all throughout high-school and my best-friend who i have known since the 5th grade. I currently live in raintopia AKA Washington, no not D.C. I have multiple siblings which include my oldest brother Kory, whom i have not talked to in years, my older brother by a year Dallas, my closest sibling in both age and friendship, my younger sister Shelby and my baby brother Denver.

But yeah, thats just a basic overview of me. I dont have a very exciting life but when its good its great. So i bid ya'll a farewell. Ill see ya tomorrow, possibly.....

PS: Heres a pic of me so ya'll can see the face of the person writing this.

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